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David Hockney, OM, CH, RA

David Hockney, OM, CH, RA Born in Bradford, England, in 1937, David Hockney attended art school in London before moving to Los Angeles in the 1960s. There, he painted his famous swimming pool paintings. In the 1970s, Hockney began working in photography, creating photo collages he called joiners. Biography Born in Bradford, England, in 1937, …

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Fair For Saatchi FFS

Fair For Saatchi A contemporary art fair in the heart of Chelsea, London. Available Artworks The Rose and The Rose Stalk | David Hockney | Etching Edition Number 62 of 100 | 11″ x 5″ | £9,995 Wymondham Abbey, 1981 | John Piper | Screenprint on Barcham Green Crisbrook Paper 44 of 70 | 22″ …

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Don Farrell RI

Don Farrell RI Dons’ work has been moving towards abstract consideration in contemporary art. His work contains recurring motifs of tiny markings and shapes, as well as etched characters or patterns that can hint at a narrative. Biography Don Farrell was born in 1942 in Vancouver residing on Vancouver Island since 1999. A self-educated painter …

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Roger Dellar ROI, RI, VPPS

Roger Dellar A self taught professional figurative artist working in pastels, mixed media, oils and acrylics born in Hertfordshire. Biography Roger Dellar was born in 1949 in Hertfordshire. He is a self-taught professional figurative artist who works in pastel, mixed media, oils and acrylics. His key interest lies on observing people in their varied environments …

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Chris Forsey RI, SGFA

Chris Forsey “My main preoccupation is with atmosphere, light and weather, and I endeavour to capture the fleeting changes and how it affects the scene before me. I prefer to work in the studio from location sketches and photographs, mostly in water-based media. Biography Chris Forsey has been an illustrator and artist for nearly all …

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Charles Hardaker RBA NEAC

Charles Hardaker Inspiration is found in my immediate surroundings. The visible world is always the starting point with ‘feed-in’ from great writings and philosophical ideas. Basically, I aim to show something of the wonder and mystery of the so-called ordinary world – “the ordinary is extraordinary” Biography Inspiration is found in my immediate surroundings. The …

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