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Robin Hazlewood VPRI FRSA NDD

Born in Meriden, Warwickshire 1944. Studied at Coventry College of Art, followed, in the mid-1960s, by post-graduate study at Liverpool College of Art. Academic posts have included Head of Putney School of Art, London; Dean of Sir John Cass School of Art, London; Vice Provost London Guildhall University.


Colour is all-important in Robin’s work. When he looks at the world, it is colour and movement that excites him the most: the glint and flicker of light through trees, sunlight on shingles, evening sunsets, fairgrounds, harbours, etc. His work is both representational and abstract. 

The representational works evoke atmosphere and space through gesture and colour. They are a visual equivalent, rather than a depiction, and aim to communicate something of the sensations evoked in me by what he sees. 

The more abstract paintings concentrate on the relationships between colours. In them, Robin is trying to distill his visual experience to its essence. 

Robin’s paintings are in private collections in Britain, France, Spain, the USA, Hong Kong and Australia.

Robin’s work is mainly in watercolour with white gouche. Using not only brushes, some very large, but also paint scrapers of all kinds and sizes. Whereas for many years he worked directly from nature, over the past ten years Robin has found that he prefers working in the studio from drawings, colour sketches and photographs done on the spot, as I like to reduce the view to the essential elements that recreate his initial reaction.

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