Oil on Birchwood Panel | 16″ x 25.5″


” The background a dark blue lagoon, representing the water – an integral part of the Otter’s habitat. It makes its way down to the water’s edge, over a shiny wet rock. As it enters, it will make no sound, slipping under the surface with a gentle swish of its tail…


I’ve been waiting a long time for the right inspiration to paint an Otter, and this piece has everything I’ve been hoping for. The sculptural spikes of damp fur, nutty browns over the head and creamy whites of the underbelly. Water droplets clinging to the whiskers, telling the story of its recent dip into the water.


I like to imagine it’s finished the hunt and is now headed down to the water for some of its favourite pastime – diving down to the riverbed and picking up pebbles to play with.


Painted from reference taken by Lisette Nieuwenhuizen.


I paint using the “wet on wet” technique, which means I build up the layers of colour and texture in small sections at a time. Not waiting for the paint beneath to dry, but pulling my brush through the wet paint, creating clean and precise marks.”

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