Hiding in Plain Sight


Watercolour | 21″ x 44″

Among the reeds, I watched as the water birds, particularly coots, began to sit on eggs, constantly vigilant, ready to react to approaching danger. As they sit they remain stock-still and silent. If anything comes too close they jump up and leave the nest, I assume hoping to draw a potential predator away from the eggs. If the advance continues towards the nest they attack aggressively.

I became fascinated by the sitting process, as still as a statue. As I watched them I was totally aware that they were watching me, silently staring me out. As I drew and took photographs it reminded me of life drawing sessions at college, although here they were not very willing or relaxed models. Even though I was no threat to them at all, there was no point at which I felt they accepted my presence or they dropped their guard. In the end I’d slowly retreat and walk away because I felt I might be causing stress. So they win every time!

The title, ‘Hiding in plain sight’ arrived before the painting on this occasion, while I was still planning my composition. The painting was always going to be about this activity.

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