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Roger Dellar was born in 1949 in Hertfordshire. He is a self-taught professional figurative artist who works in pastel, mixed media, oils and acrylics. His key interest lies on observing people in their varied environments and recording them with a particular concentration on effects of light. His paintings present an intimate and colourful interpretation of everyday life, with an individual focus capturing gesture and interaction that sets Dellar’s work apart. The situations and characters in his paintings inspire a voyeuristic feel that is testament to Roger’s ability to paint a moment, even an instant, and very successfully relay thought and sense to the viewer.

Not only has Dellar exhibited with several of the major societies including the Royal Society of Watercolour Artists, the Royal Society of Marine Artists, the Royal Institute of Oil painters and Royal academy: but also demonstrating his skills through teaching at numerous institutions throughout the South East of England. He hosts tutored painting holidays in France and runs an annual painting course in Crete, as well as tutoring workshops as far as Deleware, USA, where he is represented by the Peninsula Gallery, Lewes.

Roger Dellar was elected a full member of the RI in 2001 and was elected to the council the following year.