Adrian Hill Fine Art Presents:

Nick Bibby


Nick Bibby’s sculptures are exquisitely observed. Rich with almost imperceptible subtleties; elevating his art from the merely good to that of a true master.

Nick’s talent, skill, experience and lifelong dedication to his craft is clearly visible in every piece he sculpts. It is truly rare to find an artist with such ability. The ‘Bibby’ sculptural style, whilst very definitely figurative, is quite unique. Fascinated by both form and detail Nick sculpts with a fluidity and energy that many admire, but few can equal. Simultaneously and apparently effortlessly, combining vivacious energy with a jewel-like attention to detail, resulting in instantly recognisable works of art. In Nick’s eyes, all his subjects are enthralling, wonderful and beautiful, and through his sculpture he strives to encapsulate that beauty and wonder for all to see. As Paul Cézanne once said of Claude Monet, “Only an eye. But what an eye!”

Nick’s sculptures are both beautiful, collectable, works of art and loving figurative portraits. With subjects ranging widely, from small to monumental, Nick’s sculptures are owned and admired by an ever growing number of Bibby Collectors worldwide.

Born in County Durham in 1960, Nick was a precocious talent, drawing and painting as soon as he could hold a pencil, or paintbrush. Even in those very early days, he was drawn towards work in three dimensions. His earliest childhood sculptures were made using plasticine, or whatever came to hand when the plasticine ran out, as it often did. And with his natural gift for working in three dimensions, it was an obvious progression that Nick should begin selling work in his early teens, becoming a full-time sculptor in his late teens, after leaving art college at eighteen.

Largely self taught; Nick has always pursued his own path, constantly pushing himself, seeking new challenges; ever striving towards the unachievable goal of, ‘Perfection’.

Having won numerous accolades for his early miniature figurines sculptures, Nick soon moved on to the fast-paced world of freelance sculpting and modelmaking, for the advertising industry in London in the eighties, quickly gaining a reputation for excellence and the ability to achieve the seemingly impossible.

Through it all, Nick’s abiding love of nature and the natural world shone out, and still drive his creativity today.