Adrian Hill Fine Art Presents:

Deborah Walker RI RSMA FRSA


In April 2011, Deborah was elected a member of the RI and then elected to the RI Council in 2014.

in April 2016 she founded the ‘Friends of the RI’ and 2017 was elected Friends’ Secretary.

Still living in Barton-under-Needwood and painting from her studio, ‘Ridware Arts’ in Hamstall Ridware, Deborah has developed a striking portfolio of work ranging from the subtleties of a secluded or empty beach, to the hustle and bustle of a busy London cityscape. Indeed her desire to work in watercolour on a large scale means that she buys her watercolour paper by the roll so that she can make these large dramatic paintings, often complimenting the works with subtle lines of text or poetry.

‘i have always regarded drawing as the seminal process from which all art forms grow. Drawing as mark making in an intrinsic part of being human: everybody does it but developing a language of drawing and painting that can express feelings and emotional responses has always been my aim. My paintings are concerned with landscape, both in broad expanse and in close up detail and express both the dramatic and subtle ways in which light transforms a subject.’

A recurring theme in Deborahs’ work is the depiction of water, as it provides a consistent challenge. Her approach to watercolour embraces both representational and abstract elements, pushing the character of her watercolours to the extreme.

As an elected member of the RI and a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, Deborah also teaches classes and workshops in a variety of media and exhibits widely across the country, having art works placed internationally.

In 2018 Deborah was elected a member of the Royal Society of Marine Artists, RSMA.