Adrian Hill Fine Art Presents:

Charlotte Gridley - Guest Artist


For Charlotte, painting is a vocation. She always dreamed of becoming a professional artist, that dream was achieved at 19. With several years of experience she remains immensely passionate about her job.

After teaching herself, Charlotte’s specialism is painting in oils. She paints in a realistic style but strives to never make an entire painting look ‘just like a picture’. She hopes to go beyond that. Revealing her models and props to be lifelike, but placing them in non-photographic contexts and emphasising depth of field.

Charlotte enjoys painting animals and people, with a newfound love for still life. If you have seen Charlotte’s paintings, it won’t come as any surprise to you that she is a huge animal lover and takes inspiration from wildlife and farm life in her native Cotswolds. She loves to meet and photograph many of her models.

Charlotte paints for individuals, galleries, interior designers – and above all, for fun.