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Banksy is one of the most sought-after and talked about urban artists in the world.

Banksy, the pseudonym adopted by the artist, heavily guards his privacy. The details of his life remain largely unknown to the public.

He has garnered great fame for his street works, which often combine spray paint and stencilling techniques with commercial, political, and contemporary imagery, infused with ironic social commentary and humour.

Often critical of big businesses, corporations, police and government, Banksy’s work has been found on the sides of buildings, billboards, and city walls from London to New York, from Jamaica to the Gaza strip.

Banksy is a bit of an enigma himself, as he amasses more followers than any other artist has ever been able to, he has chosen to remain anonymous. He has made it clear that he does not want the celebrity he has earned for his immense talent, instead – he chooses to have his work speak for itself, perhaps because he feels his identity might distract or detract from what the focus should be: his work, and the statements he is making.