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Nick Grove ARSMA

‘On my way’

Nick Grove ARSMA
Original oil paintings - Adrian Hill Fine Art Stamford
Saturday 21 May - Thursday 26 May 11am - 5pm daily

I am honoured to be holding my first galleried solo exhibition with a leader of the art world such as Adrian Hill Fine Art and I sincerely hope you enjoy viewing the paintings on display.

‘On my way’ is a collection of new plein air and studio paintings depicting scenes I have discovered ‘On my way’ as I travel around towns and cities with my easel. London, Cambridge, and my home town of Stamford have been particularly inspiring of late, and are a somewhat refreshing departure from the coastal scenes of Norfolk and Suffolk. 

Interestingly, it is London: a place where I spent my early adulthood, that has been especially stimulating and the catalyst that has enabled my artistic ambitions to flourish. The introduction of movement, figures, strong architecture, and the complex play of light are all invigorating aspects I am introducing into my work. 

Furthermore, it’s the passage of time that has been the most recent area of profound consideration: a typical conundrum is how to capture in paint, the transformation from day to night.

Artistically, this is a very interesting and exciting time for me and this exhibition represents the very beginning of a new chapter in my creative journey: a realisation of my own style and finding my own direction, 

It was painting ‘en plein air’ where I learnt to paint and it’s London that has placed me ‘On my way’.

All paintings are sold framed and ready to hang.