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Moira Huntly studied at Harrow School of Art and Hornsey College of Art gaining a London University degree in Art Teaching. She was the first ever woman President of the Pastel Society, and is a past Governor of the Federation of British Artists.


Marine and industrial subjects, buildings in the landscape, figures and still life all appeal to Moira Huntly visually. Moira paints in most mediums, including mixed media. She works in the studio from keenly observed ‘on the spot drawings’, which represent her search for a balance between the figurative and abstract patterns that she aims to capture in drawings. Moira’s love of colour is in the tradition of the Scottish Colourists.

 Since Moira’s student days she has believed in gaining knowledge from direct observation. Drawing is very important to her and through accuracy in drawing she tries to explore shape and form and discover the subject’s potential for a painting. Moira regards the composition and content of a painting as more important than the medium, but sometimes she instinctively chooses a particular sketch to work from because she visualises it in a certain medium. Moira can’t explain exactly why this is so. Whatever the subject, she is searching for its abstract qualities, trying to balance between realism and abstract patterns full of strong rhythms and invention, distilled from drawings. Moira sees the world as a kaleidoscope of broken lines, shapes and colour masses, sometimes fragmented into jewels of colour. After many years, she is still searching for new ideas and methods. Moira is never satisfied with what she has done and she is always hoping that the next painting is going to be the best. © 2018 Federation of British Artists

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