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Roger Dellar ROI, RI, VPPS

Roger Dellar A self taught professional figurative artist working in pastels, mixed media, oils and acrylics born in Hertfordshire. Biography Roger Dellar was born in 1949 in Hertfordshire. He is a self-taught professional figurative artist who works in pastel, mixed media, oils and acrylics. His key interest lies on observing people in their varied environments …

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Chris Forsey RI, SGFA

Chris Forsey “My main preoccupation is with atmosphere, light and weather, and I endeavour to capture the fleeting changes and how it affects the scene before me. I prefer to work in the studio from location sketches and photographs, mostly in water-based media. Biography Chris Forsey has been an illustrator and artist for nearly all …

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Charles Hardaker RBA NEAC

Charles Hardaker RBA NEAC Inspiration for Charles’ work is found in his immediate surroundings. The visible world is always the starting point with ‘feed-in’ from great writings and philosophical ideas. He aims to show something of the wonder and mystery of the so-called ordinary world – “the ordinary is extraordinary” Biography Inspiration for Charles’ work …

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Carole Griffin RBA

Carole Griffin In setting up for a Still Life painting, the aim is to emphasize the sense of drama around the objects, hopefully narrowing the focus to that present moment and slowing the sense of time to a stop. Biography Carole Griffin is an Award Winning artist and member of the Royal Society of British Artists. …

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Prof. Ken Howard OBE RA

Prof. Ken Howard OBE RA ‘For me painting is about three things. It is about revelation, communication and celebration. By revelation I mean giving people a way of seeing, revealing the world around them in a way they have never seen before, opening their eyes.’  Biography Prof. Ken Howard OBE RA is one of few …

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Rosa Sepple PRI Available Retrospective Works

Rosa Sepple PRI ‘A Retrospective Portfolio’  Rosa Sepple PRI A selection of retrospective available works All paintings are sold framed and ready to hang to exacting conservation standards. The imaginative mounting presentation is enhanced through the use of a triple acid-free mount specifically chosen to compliment the colouring of the painting. Speciality glass not only …

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